April 22, 2014

10 Ways to Celebrate Spring

I am loving the feelings of spring burst from the seams! We have been outside so much already this month and it has been absolutely wonderful! I have had my windows open throughout day and it has been beautifully breathtaking. Finally, spring weather is here!!!! I am thrilled and filled with great joy! (this must be obvious by my use of exclamation marks in this paragraph...)

I have been trying to be more intentional about celebrating the little things and not letting time slip through my fingers. So I made this list of ways to celebrate spring and all of it's beauty!

Start a garden. This is a great way to celebrate spring. And, if you plant some veggies, you can save some money later in the year.

Learn to Forgive. Spring is all about being renewed and refreshed! If you are in need of forgiveness from someone or need to give forgiveness to someone, what are you waiting for? Start new!

Go on a Hike. With the beautiful weather, who wants to stay inside? Get out there and smell the fresh air! Go look at God’s beautiful work in nature and praise Him for the beauty!
Visit the Zoo. I love going to the Zoo and visiting the animals and now that the weather is getting nicer the animals will be out and wanting some friends to come and say hi!

Have a picnic. As long as the ground isn’t soggy, this is a great time to have a picnic! Get out there and enjoy the warm weather! We have been having meals outdoors a lot the past week, the kids just love the excitement and newness of it all.

Get a haircut. What better way is there to start a new warm season than to cut off some of your hair? I always feel great after I get a haircut, what a great way to celebrate!

Exercise. Now that we aren’t stuck in our houses, get out there and get active! There is no better time than now to start being healthy. I think I'm going to add this one to next month's goals...

Add some color. To your wardrobe, home decor, plate, fingernail polish, etc...just think of all the ways that you could add color to your life.

Eat Ice Cream. Some people only eat ice cream when the weather is nice, personally I eat it all year round! Anyway, go to the ice cream shop and get a scoop of ice cream in a cone! What says warm weather better than an ice cream cone

Fly a Kite. That's right! It is so fun and exciting to get a kite up in the air. Go try it! I dare you not to smile and laugh and have fun!

Q4U: What is your favorite way to celebrate spring?

Note: This is a revised post from my former blog. 

p.s. I CAN NOT wait to share with you tomorrow about a great bundle sale that I am previewing today! I'd be honored if you purchased it through me! Can't wait to share more tomorrow!

April 18, 2014

Living Alive and Passionately Pursuing Life

When I knew I wanted to give the blog a make-over, I prayerfully considered a new tagline. 

This is my personal blog, so I really don't feel the need to be tied to a specific niche. I wanted the tagline to be big and all-encompassing, I don't ever want to feel boxed in by my title or tagline like I have before, I wanted something long lasting. I want to be able to write where ever the Lord leads and whatever topic I feel will touch your (the readers) hearts.

I settled on passionately pursing the Christian life as a woman, wife, and adoptive mother. And there is so much meaning behind these words. Just reading that tagline makes me so happy.

I wanted people to be able to tell at a glance that:

*I am a Christian*

This means that my writing is generally geared towards looking at things from a Christian worldview, or seeking to find God's purpose in whatever I'm writing about, or at least it will have a Christian undertone.

*I will write about topics that generally fall under the headings of my being a woman, a wife, and a parent blessed by adoption*

I believe God has created and called me to encourage women by connecting and sharing our journeys so we know we aren't alone. Therefore, I often write about things that relate to my being a woman or a wife or a mother or an adoptive parent. This is my life and this is where my stories generally come from.

*I am passionately pursuing life*

This is something that I feel God urging me towards, yet I'm not quite there. Now that I am starting to feel like I am beginning to thrive and not just survive, I want to become passionate about life again.

Life had become more like a burden to carry instead of a gift of grace to enjoy each day. I lost my passion in a lot of areas in the stress of everything that has happened to me in the past several years, and I'm ready to live alive and awake fully each day passionately pursuing life.

Q4U: Are you with me? Do you feel on the edge of the next chapter of your life? Do you feel filled with passion? If not, how can you get it back? 

Just so you know, the new look and name and tagline doesn't necessarily mean that the content will change much around here. It just makes it easier to see what you are going to get just by a glance.

April 17, 2014

When It's Time for a Change

A few years ago I was blogging at my old online home Putting God First Place and it just didn't seem to capture everything that I wanted my writing to be about. It had gotten so specific and the title was lording over me like I could never measure up.

So I moved to this new online home a few months after we first got the kids and thought Fostering Love at Home was the perfect title! I wrote about the change and how I was like a snake shedding my skin. And it has suited me so well for the last two years.

Yet, I am starting to feel boxed in again. I feel like the title, playing on words, focuses more on fostering than our current life after the courtroom.

So, it's time to shake off these clothes and get a make over!

I hope you like it! 

Come and let me know!

p.s. you don't have to do anything to continue getting my blog updates, subscribers will still get the posts sent straight to them. The url blog.ashleykwells.com will stay the same.