June 9, 2014



Extra sunlight.

Warm air.

Kids outside.




Finishing the first draft of Blessed Chaos.

Preparing for a new session of 31 Days to Write Your eBook.

Getting ready to dive in to our new home school year on July 7th.

There's a lot going on right now...

It's time to just press the pause button here, on the blog, and live on the other side of the screen a little more intentionally, soaking in all the summer has to offer.

You can follow me on Facebook and I will still be sending out my monthly newsletter. Otherwise I am going to intentionally take a little break from posting publicly here for the next couple of months.

I pray that your summer is filled with lots of smiles and laughter and real, messy, once-in-a-lifetime, every day moments with your family.

June 4, 2014

A Journey Worth Sharing

“What was it like going from no children to four children in an instant?” 

I was asked this inevitable question recently when I met some new friends at a much needed girl’s night out. “The first few months went by in a blur,” I answered as I began to share my story to motherhood around the table overflowing with delicious Cuban food.

I get asked that question often. It’s okay. I don’t mind answering. Actually, I love answering. Every time I get to answer that specific question I get to point, yet again, to God. The journey to adoption through foster care is not for the faint of heart. In His wonderful goodness He gave me the strength for this journey, even if all I remember is the rapid pace at which it went by.

Every story of life created and born is miraculous. I consider this the story of how my family was born. It is miraculous. It is beautiful. It is God’s divine plan on display for all to see. I cannot wait as you turn the pages of this book and read about my journey to motherhood and the birth of my family. It was no ordinary birth, although I think that may be true for most people. Nothing in life really happens just as you imagine it would. 

I pray as you read my words that I continually point you back to God, the author of life and the true author of this story. I believe He had always planned for my journey to motherhood to take me along the path it has, and in doing so lead me directly to the four children I am blessed to call my sons and daughters.

This story is not only miraculous because it involves my family being born but because every step along the way I can see God leading us and guiding us to where we are now, living life after adoption. I cannot begin to explain, even through the pages of this book, how this entire journey to motherhood has clearly been ordained by God Himself. I have no doubt whatsoever of this truth.

I believe that my entire life has been guided to bring me to where I am now. I believe that before the creation of the world God, in His goodness, planned for all of this to come to pass. How amazing it is to think of that beautiful truth.

-small excerpt from my BIG BOOK that comes out on our one year adoption anniversary, Blessed Chaos: An Instant Lesson in Motherhood

June 2, 2014

3 Goals for June

Sometimes you just need to start over. Right? 

I'm not going to recap last month because I failed, on every goal. But I do want to shake off the dirt from my failures and start new!

1. Finish the first draft of Blessed Chaos.

I started to make great progress before I injured my elbow last week at an indoor water park with the family. Then I couldn't bend my arm for five days and had to lose a couple of writing days. This is the month that I will finish the first draft though!

It's been really exciting to watch the blank pages fill with words and as well get closer to launch day on November 22. I know, it's still a ways away, but there is a lot going on behind the scenes! Yesterday my newsletter subscribers got the first glimpse at the new book cover and subtitle. What? You aren't a subscriber? Firstly, sign up here. Then, check this out!

2. Get to ZERO in my inbox.

I've been working on tackling my inbox the past couple of months and made great progress. I'm down to under 75 e-mails. This month I want to get to ZERO!

3. Get everything ready to dive into the new homeschool year.

We take a very laid back approach to school. If someone's sick, we take a break. If it's beautiful outside, we explore. Therefore, we do school year round so that we can still fit in everything despite when we take breaks. Plus, the kids thrive on routine and structure, so it doesn't set off any transition problems either.

We have been focusing on English and Math this year to get both of my big kids closer to where they should be (by grade level standards-ish) since starting home school and also to have a more gentle introduction to homeschool that focused first on creating an environment of learning. Now they are both doing great in English and Math and we are excited to jump into our full curriculum after July 4th. It's too hot to do much outside after that, so it just makes sense to start then for us.

I still need to get a few supplies to get ready and I want to read through a couple of the Teacher's Manuals again to prepare. I have been staring at the curriculum since March when we ordered it and I am excited the time is almost here to open the books and get exploring!

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Share below: What do you hope to do this month?