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2018 in Review {and hello again}

Monday, December 31, 2018

I started 2018 in a desperate place. My 2017 was a year of refinement. That was my word and it is exactly what came about. I felt broken and weary and walking in darkness. I needed something new to come about. My word came to me very easily. It was clear something needed to change. I was struggling and needed a fresh breath of air to revive me. And here it was...


I prayerfully anticipated what the Lord would do during these 365 days of 2018. I held onto this meaning of renew: to give fresh life or strength to. I craved this newness of life for the upcoming year. Like I said, I needed it desperately. I was holding on by a thread. Burnt out on life and struggling to get by.

Renewal has been the center of countless prayers throughout the year. I see God moving in my heart, bringing about renewal. Filling me with strength to live this life he has called me to. I see renewal in my family. I see renewal most everywhere I look. I chose the word renew with much hope. And I haven’t been disappointed. God is doing a great work.

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Here me: it wasn't by my own strength or strong will. God moved in me and brought about change. He pulled me out miry bog and put my feet on a rock (Psalm 40:2). Now, that isn't to say that 2018 has been a walk in the park. I still have my struggles. But overall, I'm leaving the year much better than I entered it.

I read the following in my Advent devotional this past month and it painted a clear picture for me of how my year went:

The dawn of a new day comes slowly, with a gradual lightening of the sky. With every blink the sky seems to brighten, but it does not happen in an instant. We perceive the sunrise in incremental stanzas until the fullness of light overwhelms the last ribbons of darkness, and we realize we are now standing in the full brightness of a new day.

It's a good place to be. Standing in the light of a new day. Feeling stronger and ready to tackle what lies ahead.


What to expect with this blog moving forward? Well, it's been a while since I posted here. Intentionally. Maybe I'll write about that sometime? For right now, I think it's time to revive this old beauty of a blog. Please excuse the mess while I bring it back to life.

I can't guarantee a certain number of posts in a certain time period. Hopefully you're okay with that. But I've had this desire growing to write again. And it's going to be a goal of mine moving into 2019. I hope you'll come along for the ride.

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